Tips To Easily Clean Your Mirrors

Dealing with the smudges, smears, and streaks that blemish your mirrors every day can be stressful. Regardless if it’s some smudges of fingerprints on your hallway mirrors or a smeared droplets of soap on your bathroom mirrors, maintaining the cleanliness of your mirror and make it free of streaks always should never be a hassle. All you need to do is to hire cleaning experts who can wash window and clean any glass surfaces or your mirrors to make it shining and sparkling all the time.  

The simplest way of cleaning your mirror is by using the proper tools. Here are the top 3 mirror cleaners that are chemical-free, non-toxic, and perfect for residential use: 

Microfiber cloths 

If somebody is yet to come over to your house without letting you know in advance and you haven’t really cleaned up, using microfiber cloths is a lifesaver since it can make cleaning very quick and easy. This cloth is made out of polyester and nylon and is intended to make a static charge while it moves across any surface to let the fabric get any particles or dust. Hence, rather than getting paper towels, we highly recommend you to get a clean microfiber to eliminate streaks and dust from the surface of your mirror without actually needing extra cleaner. You just have to wipe over the cloth to the surface of your mirror or even window glasses to prevent smears.  

Distilled white vinegar 

Look for a distilled white vinegar in any grocery store since it is one of the best natural cleaners. You can use this vinegar from mirrors, stainless steel, window, and even sink drains. In fact, you can make the best solution you can use to clean a mirror with vinegar. You need to mix one part vinegar and one part water; 1:1 ratio. When you’ve got hard water, choose to use distilled water for greater outcomes. Put the water/vinegar solution in a clean spray bottle, mix it, and then use it to spray and wet a purely cotton cloth. Consider wiping your mirror with either vertical or horizontal passes to remove unsightly smears, smudges, and streaks easily.  

Isopropyl Alcohol 

Isopropyl alcohol (70% solution) is a great cleaning agent to be used for cleaning mirrors. This alcohol can be bought anywhere, such as pharmacy aisles or grocery stores. It’s cheap and it serves as a multi-purpose solvent. Rubbing alcohol greatly works if you want to remove hairspray stickiness from your mirrors and any other streaks or buildup. Since this type of alcohol tends to quickly evaporate, just damp a clean cotton cloth with this and then start wiping the surfaces. For stubborn and sticky greases, you might have to fully rub it to eliminate the mess. 

Aside from that, isopropyl alcohol can help remove dried ink and stubborn glue residue, and it can eliminate stains from nearly all types of natural fibers, such as wood, silk, and cotton. If you want to try removing stains from any fabric, make sure to do a spot test first to guarantee that it won’t harm the material.