Regular Electrical Checklist for Your House

Now that the world is still in total lockdown, you probably have some free time. Well, you should know that now is the ideal chance to examine around your house and guarantee that every single cord, light, outlet, and others are properly functioning.  

Today, we are going to share with you some routine electrical checklist for your house. Do not hesitate to reach out to a professional electrician in Kansas City if any issues arise.  

A Couple of Warning Indications that You’ve Got to Contact a Professional Right Away 

  • Your lights flicker or dim always 
  • You see an outlet sparked 
  • The circuit breaker frequently flips or fuses regularly blow 
  • The outlet plates are either warm when touching it or discolored 
  • You feel a tingling sensation whenever you touch a plug or tough a light 

Examine Your Electrical Appliances 

  • Are there any wires to close to appliances that produce heat such as stovetop, oven, or toaster? 
  • Is there enough circulation of air around your fridge or dryer? 
  • Have you ever obtained an electrical shock from one of your kitchen appliances, particularly the major ones? 
  • Have you cleaned your exhaust, range, or oven in the previous months? 
  • Are any kitchen appliances near water sources, such as a sink? Are these appliances plugged into GFCI outlets? 

You Shouldn’t Forget About Those Plugs and Cords 

  • Make sure the plugs snugly fit into outlets 
  • Do you have any cords that run through doors, windows, ceilings, walls or any other area they can be pinched or tripped on? 
  • Do you have an extension cord that is properly rated for outdoor or indoor use? 
  • Are there broken parts, exposed wires, or the frayed casing? 

Examine Your Lighting as Well 

  • Are you utilizing light bulbs below or at the maximum wattage listed on your light or lamp? 
  • Are there any connections that are faulty? 
  • Are you utilizing the right light bulbs in every light fixture? 
  • Are there buzzing sounds around the lighting? 
  • Do you have a light that flickers or dims? 

Examine Your Load Center or Electrical Service Panel 

  • Do you have a primary switch for the disconnect? 
  • Does your breaker feel warm every time you touch it? 
  • Do you know which breaker connects to which outlets or circuits in your house? 
  • Are your circuit breakers properly labeled? 
  • Do you see any burn or charring marks? 
  • Does the panel seem to be wet? 
  • Is there damage that is noticeable? 
  • Are there lose breakers? 

Have You Already Examined Your Outlets? 

  • Does your outlet create a popping sound every time you plug something? 
  • Do you hear any buzzing sounds in your outlet? 
  • Does your outlet feel warm when you touch it? 
  • Examine that your ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) outlets are properly working. All you’ve got to do is to press the “test” button. You’ll hear a sound that indicates it is working properly.  

If you spot any issues when checking your electrical components, you should contact a professional electrician right away. If you do that, you can prevent major issues from happening. Thus, saving you money in the long run.